miscellaneous fanart

fanart i drew here and there, with no real common theme. still, i wanted to collect these "loosies" together in a single page.

the cast of chrono trigger, 2019

my hunter from bloodborne, 2020

vicar amelia in the style of dragon quest, 2021

cardcaptor sakura, 2020

commission of a scene in ffxiv, 2020

same character and location in ffxiv, 2020

poster illustration for an in-game rendition of the nutcracker in ffxiv, 2020

fanart for xanadu next, 2020

hoshiguma from arknights, 2020

matoimaru from arknights, 2020

siege and zima from arknights, 2020

ursus from arknights, 2020

odette from odin sphere, 2019

warrior of light, ffxiv, 2020

oleander from thems fightin herds, 2020

nami and nico robin cosplaying serval and shoebill, 2021

mickey and aqua eat cheeses in the world of darkness, 2020