websitez n linkz

the first time i ran into webrings i didn't understand what they were because i was just a 10 year old kid tryna look at pics of pokemon on the internet. i think it was mostly the "join this webring" parts that confused me because i didn't understand that that part was intended for people who had websites, and not 10 year old kids who just want to look at pics of pokemon. anyway, i guess what i'm saying is i'm gonna write links of websites on here because for some reason having a gallery of websites you like is cute to me.

the first time i ran into an anti-rightclick script i got scared because i felt like i got caught. the pop-up message was very personal.

here are websites that i think look cool or are fun to navigate:
monsterkillers was very inspirational to me as a teen but the domain has expired so i won't link it here. i'm just saying the site was good. trust me
anynowhere - one of the most iconic web designs ever (imo), done by the creator of all-time space exploration game NOCTIS.
there's gotta be more like these out there, right? lemme know!

here's websites that are for things or people i like:
kitokia grafika
kuš komiks
peow studio
i'm trying to think of more websites that aren't just content hubs and i'm struggling. it's making me sad and i'm gonna stop doing this page for a bit because i'm starting to get a headache. byebye

here are the other places online that i am:

here's the website you are on: