welcome to the money gold power zone!

it's 2021 and i haven't updated the index page text since 2017. i'm a slightly different guy now, and while i find the stuff i wrote slightly embarassing (just tonally), such is life, and i'm trying out to half-embrace it. if you're here and want to orient yourself, you might want to check out:

my portfolio, or

the site changelog, or

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2017: i wanna have my own website to post my own art on because while "The CyberAgora" is great for networking i am eternally anxious about not having full control over how my stuff is displayed. also inadvertently when Plipsr gets shut down because they can't turn a profit or Gunky dot com gets overrun by internet neonazis and i need to jump ship i always have a harbour to swim back to, to put it in nautical terms.

i guess this is a work in progress. some of my favourite websites out there feel like they were Accrued rather than constructed and i always wanted to try to do one of those and i figure why not, especially since currently i am taking some rest with drawing and i feel like i still wanna do a "creative" thing of sorts. maybe this'll have a good result. Who knows. i don't know. Hello from 2025 when i win the cool website award. Thank you sooooo much.

I'm Dipshit?

where could this lead..?